A little about myself...

For as long as I can remember I have been captivated by visual art. Painting and drawing of course being my personal favourites. I was born on September 12, 1978 and have lived in Niagara all my life. They tell me I would have more success as an artist if I would move to a larger city. If I was away from the vineyards and trails of the escarpment however I would cease to be an artist I believe. My ambition to paint ignites with the arrival of autumn although I enjoy all seasons here. Whenever I get the chance I travel and hope to travel onward but my home is here in Niagara painting through the years. My fondness for this art remains complete.

Jordan Newhouse, July 2012
An invitation

On my horizon is a month long solo exhibition - I can't wait. Hopefully more and more to follow and a busy 2013 schedule. What would be amazing would be to find some fellow artists with talent and ambition to join me in shows afterward. If you're reading this and your are passionate about painting, drawing, sculpting, photography - all forms of visual art, feel free to contact me. If you're sitting idle and want to take action let's get something started. What I want is to initiate a handful of local artists to work and discuss together. Create and organize exhibits and events. Road trips to galleries, wine-fueled art conversation. Maybe a trip to Europe sometime.
When it comes to painting artwork I'm self taught and mildly colourblind. The drawing and painting ability runs in my family. So does the colourblind gene which consumes a little more time but that's the way it goes. Really it's just a small nuisance. There's no university or college that played a role in my artwork. There are fellow artists that I have had the good fortune of meeting who shed some light on my favorite craft, however.

Let me try and describe to you the way I see the path I have chosen here. Every painting is a page in a book. Every year's worth of paintings becomes a chapter. The more chapters the book contains the richer the book becomes. When I can no longer paint then the book is complete. No author wants to let down the reader and hear one's work was not worth reading. As a painter I of course would regret to disappoint my viewer. My hope is that many years from now the book I create is difficult for its reader to put down. My hope is to earn the viewers consideration of my artwork as true and genuine paintings.

For years I have practiced and sketched. Made drawings and taken many photographs. Books have been scoured and mistakes have been made. It's been ten years now of unlocking as many secrets and unveiling as many methods and techniques as possible. For me this is just a starting point to begin. My fondness for this art will last my entire lifetime.

Jordan Newhouse, November 2008

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